School Co-ops

Hillpark Secondary School

Hillpark Secondary School has one of the newest Young Co-operatives in the country. We've produced a video telling their story.

Stonelaw High

Stonelaw High School pupils selling Fair Trade goods

Pupils at Stonelaw High School run a successful Young Co-operative selling Fairtrade goods. This video explains more.

Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education

About Young Co-operatives

Young Co-operatives is for schools and youth groups who want to combine enterprise and ethics. It is an enterprise project with added benefit, requiring young people to trade ethically and to work democratically.

Students set up their own business and gain valuable skills through doing that. They serve customers, handle money, keep financial records, design publicity materials, deal with suppliers, talk about their work, etc.

But they also help to support some of the world's poorest producers by only selling fairly traded products. And by setting up co-operative businesses, the students learn to work together, to put forward their own opinions but respect the views of others and to come to democratic decisions.

Success in a Young Co-operative is not dependent on academic ability - in the co-operative everyone is equal!

Contact the Co-op College for more information about Young Co-operatives.

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