Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education


SHRUB - Uni of Edinburgh

The Swap & Reuse Hub (SHRUB) is a student co-operative established in 2013 by University of Edinburgh students. In their own words: "It provides an opportunity to swap or buy second-hand items, as well as facilities to fix and learn how to give things a new life. The SHRUB aspires to serve as a platform for any groups and activities that are related to sustainability and improving the well-being of the university and local community." Members are drawn from the student body of the university and annual membership costs £10.

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VegBag Co-operative - Uni of Aberdeen

The VegBag Co-operative is a student run co-operative that brings organic and, as far as possible, local and seasonal vegetables and fruits to the University campus every week. They come from a local organic whole sale distributor and farm. It is a not for profit enterprise and run entirely by volunteers. Operating for over ten years, VegBag serves over 100 members, drawn from students, staff, and individuals from the local community.

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Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative - Uni of Edinburgh

"The idea of the Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative was to establish autonomous student owned and run housing co-operatives. We were fed up with extortionate rent, exploitative landlords, dodgy letting agencies, and substandard housing. We wanted to increase the amount of affordable housing for students and create a sustainable, non-exploitative, community-led housing co-operative as an alternative to the private rental market." The co-op is due to open in September 2014.

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