Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education

Make Your School Co-operative

Scottish schools are striving to develop our young people as enterprising individuals and active citizens. We believe that co-operative values and principles and the co-operative model of enterprise can help our schools, our young people and our communities to achieve those shared ambitions.

Our Scottish School of Co-operation is an opportunity not just to enshrine those values as part of the ethos of your learning community but to help empower communities through the adoption of the most direct form of democracy. You will almost certainly find that you share most of our values and principles but simply articulate them differently.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with any schools to gain this award. We can provide guidance and support; contacts to credit unions and other co-operative enterprises and offer accreditation to secondary pupils who start their own young co-op enterprise (see our SQA Awards and Young Co-ops under Secondary Resources).

Make your school Co-operative - guidance