Baxi Partnership

The mission of the Baxi Partnership is to support the growth of strong, successful mutual and employee owned organisations.

Baxi Partnership offers a unique range of support for organisations that are or want to become employee owned. Our support offer covers four different areas, though many clients will draw on more than one: transition, performance, funding, and partnership.

We are a value-driven organisation who work with our partners and clients in an intimate, collaborative and ultimately enabling way. We will tend to work through small teams, aiming to transfer expertise wherever possible, and help build effective employee-led enterprises that retain the capacity to be successful over the long-term.

We provide support in employee ownership to organisations operating in both the private sector and the public sector.

We deliver our unique support offer through a specialist team that has unmatched levels of expertise, drawing on experience (gained both with and outside of Baxi Partnership) working with some of the UK’s best known employee owned organisations, from the John Lewis Partnership to Central Surrey Health. Our staff also boast experience of working within the public sector, from inside Whitehall to senior public sector commissioning roles.

Baxi Partnership is an employee owned company itself, with over 12 years experience providing support services, an employee ownership pedigree that goes back 30 years, and a history that stretches back to 1866.

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