Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education


2011 saw the creation of the very first SQA Awards in Co-operative Studies. Coupled with our ASDAN awards, students and teachers have a comprehensive and varied set of co-operative study options.

SQA Awards

A major part of the 2011 effort was in the creation of new SQA Customised Awards in Co-operative Studies (again supported by Scotland & NI V&P as part of the creation of an ongoing legacy from IYC 2012). This will be the cornerstone of the CETS offering in the immediate future. We had a team of 6 teachers producing course outlines and fully comprehensive assessment packs. These awards were approved by the SQA in March 2012 and we have several schools lined up to pilot the awards at levels 4, 5 & 6 of SCQF. There is also a Virtual Learning Environment (spin off from Aberdeen University KTP project) to support learning and teaching.

ASDAN Awards

With support from Scotland & NI V & P we have been working with 8 schools and 140 pupils to attain various ASDAN Co-op Studies awards at different levels (Key Steps through to COPE).  We have provided a variety of support to the schools, teachers and pupils and this will culminate in the presentation of the awards at our major IYOC event at New Lanark on 14 June 2012.

  • 140 pupils in 8 schools attaining ASDAN Co-op Studies Awards;
  • CPD sessions in all 8 schools;
  • Ongoing teacher mentoring and pupil assessment in all 8 schools;
  • CPD session for all schools with member of staff from Sir Thomas Boughey;
  • Co-op Business College;
  • Drama Workshops - “Democracy in the Workplace” - from Hopscotch Theatre in 6 of the ASDAN schools.

Glasgow Caledonian Event

In 2011 we co-organised (with the Glasgow Fairtrade Co-op, the steering group for maintaining fairtrade (FT) status for the city, Membership and the University of Glasgow) a major event for schools, colleges and universities in Glasgow.  The main focus was to encourage academic institutes at all levels to attain FT status.  We had over 100 pupils from 10 schools, all 3 universities and one college involved in various workshops and a video link to a FT coffee producer visiting another part of Scotland. Glasgow Caledonian University, who participated in this event, went on to achieve FT status in March 2012 and hosted a repeat of the 2011 event with increased school and college involvement.

Lasswade Primary School - Lend with Care

We've worked closely with Lasswade Primary school to enable pupils to engage with the fairtrade and co-operative movements. With a donation of £100 from CETS, Lasswade pupils have invested this money in the Co-operative Group supported Lend with Care initiative. Offering microloans to small farmers in developing countries, Lend with Care is a great way of showing pupils how their money can support people in developing countries through trade not aid.


Carlogie Primary School - Fairtrade School Uniforms

Continuing our fairtrade work, we supported Carlogie Primary School in their efforts to create a young co-operative cafe. As a result of this work, the pupils have developed a logo for other schools wanting to support fairtrade through the purchase of fairtrade cotton school uniforms. The P6 pupils have also produced an excellent guide for other primary schools looking to set up fairtrade co-op cafes.


Green Schools Revolution

This year, The Co-operative Group is challenging young people to become green pioneers as part of our biggest ever community education programme - Green Schools Revolution. Whether you're just starting out on the sustainability journey or have been revolutionising your classrooms for some time, this programme will help your school on its way to a greener future.
Download theirfantastic new Habitat Heroes resources and make your school garden a haven for bugs and butterflies! There are free lesson plans and ‘How to….’ guides and there’s even a fun IWB activity to share with your pupils to learn about creatures and the habitats they like.