Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education

Excellence in Education through Business Links

The Excellence in Education through Business Links is and CETS offered an opportunity for teachers to visit a number of co-ops, to give them a better understanding of and develop some links within the co-operative sector, which would support their personal development.

The visit started with a group of students from Hillpark secondary school who have been running their own Co-op for the past 5 years. There was an opportunity to ask questions and find out how it fitted into their school day and the experience and confidence they gained from being involved.

Hillpark secondary school
Click on the image to view a short video on the Hillpark Co-operative

The next stop was GreenCity Wholefoods - for a guided tour and hot toast! This worker co-operative has been trading in ethically sourced organic whole foods for over 30 years – since before it was fashionable!

Green City Wholefoods

The final visit was to John Lewis Partnership in Buchannan Galleries where we got a behind the scenes look at how this very successful business is run. Very impressive and appealing - so much so that some attendees were considering a career move!

John Lewis