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Scotmid/ Craigmount/ Stevenson College project

The aim of this project is to work with students in school and help them to have a wider variety of training to support different areas of the curriculum. The benefits for the students include, real work experience, first hand experience of different roles within a large retail organisation, support for CV and interview techniques from HR departments, opportunities to develop independent and group learning and the possibility of an offer of a real job at the end of the course! The 3 organisations have been liaising to see what each can best offer to the students and after much discussion, it has been decided to run and Intermediate 2 retail course for around 12-16 S4-S6 students.

The course was broken down into lessons and Craigmount, Stevenson College and Scotmid then decided which areas were most suitable to be taught where and by whom. Craigmount High School and Mr Schmitt form Business education will take the lead in the course, being responsible for the main body of teaching and ensuring the outcomes are met. Scotmid have been able to offer students the use of their purpose built training room at Newbridge, just on the outskirts of Edinburgh. There they will deliver sessions around Active Selling and offer practical sales experience in their retail outlet. Students will also be able to see the variety of potential careers within the co-operative sector.

Stevenson College will timetable the students to allow other aspects of the course to be taught on their premises and they will use their Virtual-learning environment to encourage independent learning.

August 2011 is the anticipated start date for this joint project. There will be regular updates about this on our Blog and Twitter!

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