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Join the Co-op Future

'Join the Co-op Future' is a celebration of co-operative enterprise in Scotland. The 4 minute film encourages and inspires young people to get involved in co-operatives, either through joining existing businesses or creating one themselves. A collaboration between the Grampian committee of the Co-operative Group, University of Aberdeen, Co-operative Development Scotland and the Co-operative Education Trust Scotland, the film was produced by Mediaco-op, a worker co-operative based in Glasgow.


The Co-operative is a unique family of businesses owned by our members and led by our principles. From community projects to a share of the profits, renewable energy to Fairtrade products we believe that when the benefits are passed around, it's good for everyone. Our online TV channel gives you the chance to see our community projects come to life and learn more about our values and principles.

Hillpark secondary school

The ethical and environmentally aware students of Hillpark secondary school in Glasgow have established their own young co-operative. The co-operative sells fairtade goods, organises music nights for charity and helps raise awareness of environmental issues throughout the school and wider community. This video charts their development and progress.

Stonelaw high

Pupils at Stonelaw High School run a successful Young Co-operative selling fairtrade goods at school events and the local market. CETS has supported the Young Co-operative by providing resources and advice at every stage of the development process.

There is an alternative

This video, produced by Co-operatives UK, gives a brief overview of the ethical and sustainable nature of co-operative enterprises.

Yours to share

This video, produced by Co-operatives UK, explains how co-operatives tackle inequality in society.

The Co-operative Movement - a historical perspective

These clips provide a fascinating insight into the history and values of the Scottish Co-operative movement during the 20th Century. The resources are split into three categories:
Primary level
Additional Learning Needs - Primary
Secondary level